Saturday, May 23, 2009

5-22-09 Sebago lake

Beautiful day to not be at work. Alex landed a nice fat 17" Salmon right off the bat. We quickly released it and did not get a picture. We soon started landing some touge.

And some more
The smelt population will thank us for removing this pig.

Set trout phasers to stun

Now, time to make some chowdah

Smelt Camp*February 2009*

Dear Blog, Sorry I have neglected you. Here some pics from merrymeeting bay.

An offering made to the smelt gods


Dinner Time

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sebago Lake 9-12-08

Alex, Alan, Steve and his girlfriend along with myself had a beautiful day out on Sebago. We managed this nice 17" togue early.

Soon after Alex had a nice 13 incher that we released.

As we got closer to shore I brought the downrigger up from 120 ft to 50ft. This produced a nice 17" Salmon that danced her way all the way to the boat. It was a native.

Alan brought in the last fish of the day. A 14" togue also caught off the down rigger at 50ft.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sebago Lake 8-30-08

It was a beautiful day as Mom, Alan, Pilot & I set out on sebago for some sun & fun. After breaking the downrigger (sorry Dad) I had internally given up hope to catch togue today and I really didn't think the Salmon would be coming up from the thermocline on a hot August day. Regardless of that sentiment, I put the fly rod out there with full sinking line. I really think streamers are the way to go on this boat. It's hard to troll this thing under 3mph and streamers seem to do the best at higher speeds. Anyway, after a little while of trolling I see the fly rod tip bend just a line was being taken out yet. I immediately grab the rod and execute a text book hook set (I think). As soon as I did this I could feel the weight of the fish and all he wanted to do was go back down to depths in which he had come from. This doubled my rod over and made it very difficult to hand line the fish. This thing was a powerful swimmer and at that moment I wished I had tried reeling him in as my hands were cramping. There was no turning back given the amount of line I brought in already. After a nice long battle I sense we're coming to the end and I'm hoping Alan can net him before he comes out of the water and tries to spit the hook out. I brought him in as close as possible and Alan just about jumped out of the boat to get him with the net. What a beauty.

About 22" with a beautiful hook jaw and a lot of purple in the head that did not come out in the picture that well. He made a nice meal for everyone at UB's house.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stripah Stripah No Swipah!

Alex & I set our for blues. No dice but landed this striper.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sebago Lake, 8-10-08

We took Ricky's boat out for it's first spin on Sebago. Turned out to be a nice day. We managed two lakers right off the bat on dueling down riggers!! Both about 17"

Things were quiet for a while after that and we got so hot that we pulled everything in to go swimming for a bit. After a nice swim we decided to troll back and BAM this lunker crushed my offering just as I got done setting the downrigger.

He was a pig. A nice fat 21" lake trout. Put up a fight too. Fresh water Char fishing at it's finest!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 4, Rangely lakes region, 7-22-08

We slept in a bit today. It was looking nice out so I jumped in the lake for a minute.

Looks like Ryan has the biggest fish of the day so far!

After some much needed breakfast we split up and take out both boats.

Ridin Dirty'

Landed a nice little 13" native brookie off the downrigger before pulling in for lunch.

Looks like the other boat had some luck too!


The women and children hop in one boat and Alex, Dad & I hop in the other.

We start hammering the Salmon again!!

And again...

Time to get a fire going!

I guess we didn't need to bring any food on this trip!